Lovin’ Pretzel Buns

I may have a problem. It there is a Pretzel Bun on a menu, I *need* it! My family was craving Burger King tonight, so I hit the drive-thru on my way home from running errands. I couldn’t resist their Pretzel King Bacon Cheeseburger with a Large Fry and a Coke. I enjoyed every last bit of the Pretzel Bun. #yummy

All the Way Little Cheeseburger

To celebrate National Cheeseburger Day, I popped over to Five Guys Burger & Fries to pick up dinner. I had an All the Way Little Cheeseburger and shared Large Fries with the Family. It was just as amazing as I remembered. I also brought home a dish of Peanuts!

Whopper time

I ate a Whopper with Cheese and all the fixins, a Large Coke and Large Fries. It had been awhile since I’ve had one, and it wasn’t bad (or, I was extra hungry). It also was much less messy than I remember seeing my dad deal with when I was little. Maybe my Whopper eating skills are just better.

Fantastic Fish & Chips

We broke out our DashPass and ordered a DoorDash delivery from a local pub. They are known for having the best Fish & Chips in the state, and we were not disappointed! It came with a side of Coleslaw. We also ordered an appetizer of Garlic Parmesan Fries, which were equally as delicious.

DQ FlameThrower

After a long day at work and a busy day for the family, I gave in and hit the Dairy Queen drive thru on my way home. I ordered a 1/2 lb FlameThrower GrillBurger Combo. I guess I didn’t read the “FlameThrower” part or notice the “jalapeño bacon” when I ordered it. I without a doubt did notice it when I scarfed it down. I didn’t fling it to the ground yelling “spicy” like my daughter would have, but I could taste the kick.

Turkey Gyro

You can see that Chicken Pecan Salad is back at Arby’s. So, after the tornado sirens stopped and the funnel disappeared, we walked over to check it out. Can you believe they were OUT of the Chicken Pecan Salad Sandwiches? How disappointing. Anyway, I ate a Turkey Gyro, Curly Fries, Mozzarella Sticks and a Jalapeño Bite. I washed it down was a Coke.

Banzai Burger

We went to grab dinner at Red Robin tonight. I wanted to try their new Porkiyaki Burger, but after I ordered it, the server told me they were out. So, I tried their Banzai Burger and Bottomless Fries. The burger was OK, but I must’ve gotten the bottom of the fries because they weren’t very good. I decided to wash it down with a Blue Moon, but the server returned to say they were out of that, too. Then, he rattled off a bunch of other beers they were out of. So, I stuck with my water. Overall a unsatisfying meal.