Spaghetti with French Bread

It was a late night at work, and I arrived home one minute before the French Bread was done in the oven to go with our Spaghetti with Meat sauce prepared by our dynamic duo, Jennifer and Sophie.

Bento Box Dinner

Tonight, I had a Bento Box Dinner with Miso Soup. It included General Tso’s Chicken, Fried Rice, Two Dumplings, a Spring Roll, a Crab Rangoon and a California Roll six pack. I topped it off with a Mango Bubble Tea!

Grilled Chicken Breast with Greek Salad

By the time I made it home, Jennifer had most of the Grilled Chicken Breast with Greek Salad ready. All I needed to do was to grill the marinated chicken, and it was time to break out the forks. It was a great meal!

Fried Chicken Craving

Tonight, I had Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Coleslaw. An ice-cold Coke helped me wash it down! It was just as good as I had hoped it would be!

Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage with Mac ‘N Cheese

Tonight Jennifer fried some Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage in a skillet while I made some of our famous cheesy goodness of Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese. It was just as tasty as I was hoping it would be! Ahhhhhh …

Pancakes and Cheesy Eggs

Tonight, we enjoyed another breakfast for dinner featuring White Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cheesy Eggs with Mushrooms. We followed up the meal with a family game of Life.