PC Appetizers

I fully enjoyed our Christmas PC Meeting filled with tasty appetizers!

Mini Cranberry Turkey Wreath

I used up more leftover turkey tonight making a Mini Cranberry Turkey Wreath for dinner, and it was just the right size. And we polished off the last of the Apple Pie.

Second Thanksgiving Plate

I fixed myself a plate of all the Thanksgiving fixins. I think it was even tastier than I wanted it to be. Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato, Green Bean Casserole and Brussels Sprouts. And, I followed it up with a slice of Apple Pie.

Birthday Girl’s Choice

I had an amazing Steak Kabob Dinner with Asparagus and Seasoned Rice, and it was amazing! The flavors of the steak and rice went real well with the tender-crisp asparagus. I was very happy with Jennifer’s decision to order deliver instead of heading out into the Black Friday madness.

Thanksgiving Feast

For Thanksgiving dinner, I roasted the Turkey on my Half Sheet Pan and Baking Rack instead of a roaster pan. It seemed like it worked well because I could have the Sweet Potatoes roasting on the pan at the same time. We made a TRIPLE batch of Quick Cooker Mashed Potatoes, and they were just as good as a single batch! Gram made her Famous Pie Crust, and Mom tested out our Apple Slicer/Peeler to make the filling. She said she might even be brave enough to make it in her own with how easy it was. Sophie joined her to make the Green Bean Casserole, and Morgan made the Dressing. I made some Quick Cooker Smashed Brussels Sprouts and had a failed attempt at making gravy. Oh well, we can get everything perfect.

Special Spaghetti for company

Our Thanksgiving guests arrived safely and just in time for Jennifer and Sophie’s High Hopes Spaghetti. It was great as usual, and I added some sprinkles of Italian Seasoning on some freezer rolls to give them a little extra something. Our guests were well satisfied. I can’t wait until we share a feast tomorrow!