Bento Box Dinner

Since Sophie was “dared” to try Bubble Tea a month or so ago, she’s been wanting to go to the Bento Cafe to give it a try. We had planned on doing it during spring break, but the cough monster knocked me out for much of the week.

Tonight, I had a Bento Box Dinner with Miso Soup. It included General Tso’s Chicken, Fried Rice, Two Dumplings, a Spring Roll, a Crab Rangoon and a California Roll six pack. I topped it off with a Mango Bubble Tea!

Bento Box Dinner
April 11, 2019 – Bento Box Dinner.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the tea, but it comes with an extra-wide straw to suck up the dozens of blueberry-sized tapioca balls. The flavor was nice, and tapioca was just the right amount of chewy for me, but Sophie was not a fan.

The good news is that she completed the dare!



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